29-31 January 2016

Book the dates already now! As every year the last weekend of January is the Global Game Jam weekend, so clear your calendar and come prepared! We will create games and have fun together!

Plovdiv Game Jam is open to anyone interested in video games - professional, students or just people with talent! The idea behind the event is to get together a mix of people with different backgrounds, interests and skills, and motivate them to work together on an idea - to plan and execute the concept in 48 hours. Just for the sake of the challenge!

Plovdiv Gam Jam is part of Global Game Jam (GGJ) - the world's largest game jam event. In Bulgaria, in 2016 Global Game Jam will be held in four locations – Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna. The event will be live streamed globally to the other Global Game Jam locations.

Plovdiv Game Jam's Program

  • 12.00: Registration opens
  • How and why video games have become one of the best storytelling arts? Speaker: Yordan Zhelyazkov.

  • GROZEN ENT. - About the comics as an industry. Speaker: Sybilla Koritareva

  • Speaker: George Tanev, Gameloft Bulgaria

  • Speakers: Georgi Dinchev, Ivaylo Koralsky, Vasil Nikolov, Maria Kamarashka. Moderator: Hellyana Velinova

  • Speaker: Aleksey Savchenko, Epic Games Europe

  • 18.40 -19.00: Announcing the official Global Game Jam theme
  • 19.00 -20.00: Group Forming
  • 20.00 - ?: Dinner

  • 09.30-11.00: Work on games
  • 11.00: Deadline to create user profile and game page on Global Game Jam site
  • 11.00-13.00: Work on games
  • 13.00: Lunch
  • 13.30-20.00: Work on games
  • 20.00: Dinner

  • 09.30-13.00: Work on games
  • 13.00: Lunch
  • 13.30-15.00: Work on games
  • 15.00 -16.30: Deadline for handing in the games is 15.00!
  • 16.30 -19.00: Presentations – Each team has 10-20 minutes to do a short presentation of their game
  • 19.00 -20.00: Voting and announcing the winners
  • 20.00: After Jam beers


George Tanev

Concept Artist at Gameloft. Lecture „The art process in game development“

Vasil Nikolov
Speakers, Speakers 2015

Position: Game Designer, Gameloft Bulgaria Projects: March of Heroes, Tokyo Tycoon, Zombie Infect...

Кonstantin Кanev

Кonstantin Кanev, better known as NoThx. In his spare time he is an eSports & Gameplay commen...

Maria Kamarashka

Maria “Miffzy” Kamarashka is а PR & Event Manager in GplayTV. Her first contact w...

Sybilla Koritareva

CEO at Grozen ent. Grozen ent. is a cultural organization, publishing house for comics and artboo...

Hellyana Velinova

Confused. Lost. Loved. Searching for something. I am a modern nomad. Witch. Sometimes I talk too ...

Ivaylo Koralsky

A person with a particular passion for the sea, received its first console when he was two years ...

Georgi Dinchev

30-year old sworn gamer. Played games during most of his adult life. Co-founder of the first web ...

Aleksey Savchenko

Evangelist (Eastern Europe), Epic Games • Successful entrepreneur and reliable contractor with pr...

Yordan Zhelyazkov

Yordan Zhelyazkov is a professional writer and former semi-professional PC gamer (now rehabilitat...

Lyubomir Grigorov

A freelancer graphics artist. Enough said!

Cvetomir Andreev

Cvetomir graduated as Bachelor of Informatics at the Plovdiv University “Paisij Hilendarski...

Anders Højsted

Finished IT University of Copenhagenwith Master of Science in Information Technology. Founder &am...

Stefan Stavrev

He graduated from a prestigious Language High School and continued his education in Plovdiv Unive...

Kremena Dimitrova

Finished IT University of Copenhagenwith Master of Science in Software Development. She has a mas...


Пловдивски Културен институт

Our host for 2016 will be the new Plovdiv Cultural Institute.

Address: ul. "Ivan Perpeliev" 5, 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria







Media partners

Plovdiv Game Jam is an unique opportunity for local companies to support and spread the word about the Bulgarian game industry. Sponsorship money goes toward things such as logistics, marketing, operations, and opportunities to present the games at international conferences. Our goal is to promote rapid prototyping, iterative design, collaboration and game studies while uniting the game development community in a giant experiment in creativity.


Testicular Thunder

String Fighter : The Word Warrior

The Dice of Destiny

Game of Live

T.A.G. Suit

Office ninjas

What now?

Ignite the Knight


Tower Quest

Second time around



Light the Pattern

Alien Invasion of Privacy

Five Steps to Freedom

Project Awsm


War of the Emoticons

Snap Me


Poetry Run

Light the Lamps

Ignis Interitus

Hunting Words


Dead hunt

Color explorer

Bad trip


Global Game Jam’s recources for jammers

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There are free Global Game Jam’s recources for jammers and free Unity Pro trial for Global ...

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The Global Game Jam is supposed to be fun and collaborative, with a goal to keep things very simp...

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Do I need special skills to participate in the GGJ?

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Although having computer skills is helpful, code experience is not necessary. Designers, develope...

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Do I need to come to GGJ with a team already formed?

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Do not come to the Jam with a team. Everyone will have some time to think and pitch an idea. Coll...

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What is the typical day to day schedule for the GGJ?

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We meet on Friday, registration opens at 12.00 pm. We have prepared interesting sessions from our...

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What happens during Plovdiv Game Jam?

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It begins on Friday, 23.01.2015 at 12.00 HRS with registration. In the afternoon there will be ca...

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Why is the GGJ held often at many universities?

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Schools have access to large labs and space that are not always available at studios. Educational...

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We do not recommend that you come to the Jam with a team. Everyone will have some time to think a...

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Be nice! Be helpfull! Have fun! You need to bring your own equipment (computer, software, etc.). ...

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Who can participate?

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Plovdiv Game Jam is open to anyone interested in video games – professional, students or just peo...

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The Global Game Jam encourages innovation and experimentation. It plays not only a big role in cr...

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